Digitize the menu of your restaurant , bar or cafeteria totally for free with BuenaCarta . Allow your clients to be able to consult your menu and menu always updated by means of a QR code or with a link from your website. Avoid contact with paper letters, ideal for the situation generated after COVID-19 . You will also comply with regulation 1169/2011 on allergens and food information provided to the consumer.

All advantages for your restaurant

Safe and Hygienic

Your customers will be able to consult your menu in a safe, clean and hygienic way, avoiding any contagion.
Minimize expenses

Reduces the costs of printing expensive paper menus that also don't allow you to upgrade frequently.
Custom design

Your business is unique, and your digital menú too. Customize the logo, colors and display mode.
Always up-to-date

Keep your menu constantly updated with prices, details and photos.
QR Code

Generate a QR code for each menu and allow your customers to read them through their mobiles.
Multiple languages

Our application is multilingual so that your dishes can be read by people of any nationality.
Allergen List

Select which allergens are all your dishes to easily comply with regulation 1169/2011.
Do it yourself

Manage your property's products with your mobile easily and intuitively without previus knowledge.

Your Online QR Menu in 4 Steps

Sign up

In less than 2 minutes you can use our app

Type dishes

You can also add prices, photos and allergens

Generate your QR

We'll generate a unique QR code for you

Show off menu

Your customers will be able to see your menu with their mobiles

We are the most complete solution

Distinción entre cartas o menús
Ficha detallada de cada plato
Diseño personalizable
Listado de alérgenos
Tamaños de letra ajustables
Vista compacta listado
Vista listado con fotografías
BuenaCarta setup screen
Vista botones tipo TPV
Idiomas ilimitados
Códigos QR gratuitos
Fotografías de productos
Importación rápida desde Excel
Carga optimizada para móviles
Conexión con Whatsapp


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